Girls Varsity Coach

Dear Rockledge Lacrosse Girls,

My name is Paul Johnson.

I have been coaching a variety of sports for nearly 10 years.  I hold certifications for coaching in soccer, ice hockey and girls lacrosse as well as being  a certified ice hockey referee.   Growing up I was fortunate enough to play on 2 state championship ice hockey teams in the state of Colorado.  To win a championship at that level is very exciting and is a feeling I hope we all can share someday soon.

My coaching philosophy is pretty simple.  Stay positive, work hard and have fun.  In practice I expect my players to work hard, to push themselves to a level that they thought they could not achieve.  I encourage them to be creative and try things they would never try in game and make mistakes, because that’s how we learn.  In games I expect my players to play hard and be hard to play against.  To be respectful to other players, coaches and referees and to simply do their best.


  1. Only you can make you better.
  2. Pick up your stick and cradle with both hands.
  3. Call a team mate, brother, sister, mom, dad and play catch.
  4. Find a wall and play wall ball or get a rebounder to play with in the yard.
  5. Be in shape when you get to conditioning.
  6. ETC….

The sport of lacrosse is exploding across the United States.  Hundreds of high schools, colleges and universities are adding lacrosse each year.  All of these schools need at least one thing, PLAYERS!  Now is a perfect time to get into one of the fastest growing sports in the country because opportunity is there for the taking.

I look forward to seeing you all out on the field.

Go Rock!

Coach Paul

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        “I hate to lose.  I like winning”  -  Ryan Lochte

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